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Concept Kit Plugin Workflow Video Series 

The Concept Kit workflow series is designed to help you get started using our plugin in an in-camera VFX workflow.


nDisplay Config & Switchboard Setup


Learn create an nDisplay Config and render it with Switchboard

Basic IC-VFX Multi-User Workflow


In this video Ian Fursa walks you through setting up a basic Multi-User setup

Setup The Vp Toolkit Plugin


Setup The Vp Toolkit Concept Kit Plugin and add your nDisplay components to a plugin workflow

Vive VRPN Setup & Basic Calibration


A walkthrough of what we have found to be the most reliable Streamer/Vive Setup for In-Camera VFX 

Lens Offset & Mesh Location Using Vive Trackers


Fine Tune Lens Offset & Mesh Location Calibration
using the Vp Toolkit Plugin

Vp Toolkit Production Workflow


This video takes you through a production workflow with tips or level management 

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