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Workflows & Knowledge From Major Studios

Our Education & Workflows is designed to save you months of developing your own.

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Online Course
  • Operator Training Online Course

    Every month

Top skills on an ICVFX Production 


+ $1,299 Studio Plugin
Studio Plugin required for this course
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Online Course

Operator Training

Learn how to operate a In-Camera VFX Stage

Setup nDisplay, calibrate your configuration & take a production from Previz to On-set production using Unreal Engine & the Vp Toolkit Studio Plugin. 

You can learn from anywhere, at your own pace, based on your own schedule with our MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses).

We have found this to get the best results outside of onsite training. Operators in training can work through all of the technical hurdles that come with Virtual Production setups,  without falling behind in a class.


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nDisplay & Switchboard

Learn how to setup a nDisplay Cluster and configure  Switchboard to run your stage.


Setting Up Stage Machines/Nodes

 Step by step of setting up a Render Node & UE Editor Machine for an nDisplay cluster. Network, Genlock and basic display settings covered here. 

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Tracking, Lens Data & Camera Configuration

We walk through configuring & calibration for Tracking, Lens Data and Camera Settings using the Vp Toolkit System.

(Tracking Covered: Vive Mars, Vicon)


Optimizing ICVFX Levels & PreViz Workflow

Get to know the methods we use to PreViz environments with a production and optimize for rendering on ICVFX stages.

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Pipeline Color

With ColorIO

Setup your stage with ColorIO and get a basic understanding of color with ICVFX Virtual Production.

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Pre-Light | Stage Workflow & On-Set Techniques   

Drive into how we judge onset exposure, run our on-set workflow and the go over common mistakes made on Virtual Productions to avoid.

Who is this course for? This Course is for anyone that wants to learn to operate Unreal for a In-Camera VFX Virtual Production Stage. We reccomend having some Unreal Engine experience before taking this course, it does not go over the basics of Unreal Engine.

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